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PS22: Who’s who (Part 1)

With around 60 speakers scheduled to speak, we’ve created a who’s who (Part 1) of Power Summit 2022. This handy alphabetical list will give you all the info you need on the top policymakers and industry experts joining us next month.


Constant Alarcon, Programme Manager for Clean Energy at C40

Mr Alarcon supports cities to plan and implement ambitious actions to decarbonise electricity and energy for heating and cooling. Prior to that, he worked on power sector decarbonisation and sustainable urbanisation. As a campaign manager, he helped to double the number of global companies committing to 100% renewable power through The Climate Group’s RE100 initiative. In addition, he worked as an analyst at CIFF – one of the largest philanthropic organisations working on climate change. Mr Alarcon started his career at various French environmental public institutions. He holds a Master’s in Public Affairs and an MSc in Environmental Technology.


Vincent Berrutto, Head of Unit responsible for research, innovation, digitalisation, and competitiveness, DG ENERGY

Mr Berrutto’s Unit aims to support research and innovation in clean energy, foster digital energy services, and improve EU’s competitiveness, with the long-term goal to decarbonise Europe by 2050. Previously, he headed the Unit in charge of energy efficiency at the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-size Enterprises (EASME). Mr Berrutto formerly dealt with clean energy issues in other services of the European Commission, and in the French government. He is a civil engineer with a MSc and a PhD in building science.


Tom Brown, Professor for ‘Digital transformatioN in energy systems’, TU berlin

Mr Brown researches cost-optimal pathways for the energy system, with a focus on revealing the trade-offs between energy resources, network expansion, flexibility and public acceptance of new infrastructure. In addition, he is a strong supporter of openness and transparency in research data and software. Before joining TU Berlin in 2021, he led a Helmholtz Young Investigator Group at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. He holds a BA and MMath from Cambridge University and a PhD from Queen Mary, University of London.


David Bryson, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer, Uniper

A chartered engineer who spent 24 years developing as a leader and manager in the British Army, Mr Bryson joined the energy industry more than 14 years ago. Working in various senior management positions at E.ON, he helped develop an open-minded culture that was central to expanding its operations. Since Uniper’s first days, he has been responsible for its asset business’s international operations. Moreover, he heads the company’s hydrogen portfolio which is organised in a joint structure with its majority shareholder, Fortum.


Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO Hydrogen Europe

Before joining Hydrogen Europe in 2016, Mr Chatzimarkakis was Representative of Infineon Technologies in Brussels and an MEP inter alia in the ITRE (Industry, Technology, Research and Energy) Committee. In 2007, he was elected ‘MEP of the year’ by his colleagues of the European Parliament in the ‘Research and Innovation’ category. In 2015, he was appointed ambassador at large for Greece. He holds German and Greek nationality and has a degree in political science from the University of Bonn.

That was our who’s who (Part 1) of Power Summit 2022 – we’ll have more in the coming days! Find the full list of speakers here.