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Nature: make it the law of the land

Even amid this energy crisis, we cannot lose sight of the need to protect nature. That’s why Eurelectric and The Nature Conservancy teamed up to call for the swift publication of the Nature Restoration Law.

Their recent joint letter expressed support for the Commission’s accelerated rollout of renewables and plans to speed up permitting. However, they said that the EU’s vital Nature Restoration legislation should continue at the same time.

The document acknowledged that renewable energy projects have never been more important for security of supply and European independence. But it asked policymakers to adopt an integrated approach towards biodiversity protection and reaching our climate and energy targets.

It stressed that the REPowerEU communication clearly states that Member States should swiftly map, assess and ensure suitable land and sea areas for renewable energy projects. Moreover, these should be commensurate with their energy and climate plans and contributions towards the revised 2030 renewable energy target. They should also take into account factors such as resource availability, grid infrastructure and EU Biodiversity Strategy targets.

The letter also supported the REPowerEU proposal for Member States to “define areas as particularly suitable… while avoiding as much as possible environmentally valuable areas”.

Moreover, it said the swift publication of the law proposal was vital for the implementation of the above-mentioned provision. It will also provide greater clarity to investors.

In addition, it said this legislation would give the Commission an opportunity to lead in the post-2020 conservation effort.

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