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  • PPC is the leading Greek electric utility, with activities in electricity generation, distribution network operation and supply of electricity to end consumers.

    It is the largest power generation company in Greece with a total capacity of 11 GW including thermal, hydro and RES power plants. It is the owner of the single electricity distribution network in Greece with a Regulated Asset Base of c. € 3 bn, which is being operated by its subsidiary HEDNO S.A., and the leading electricity supply provider in the country, servicing c. 6 m customers.

    PPC is re-inventing itself in order to be aligned with the energy transition through the implementation of its  strategic priorities by (i) proceeding to the decarbonization of its business through accelerated lignite phase out plan and a ramp-up of Renewables investments, (ii) focusing on digitalization and operational efficiency applying new technologies across all business activities and (iii) pursuing areas of additional growth through customer centricity undertaking at the same time a leading role in the development of e-mobility in Greece.

    PPC was founded in 1950 and is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 2001.

    PPC Group total annual revenues amount to c. € 4.6 bn and total assets to € 13.7 bn, having approximately 13.8k employees.

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