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Time flies: Electrification Alliance celebrates its fifth anniversary

Five years already! This is a happy birthday for the Electrification Alliance. Formed in 2017 to advocate for the recognition of electricity as the key energy carrier for an efficient and decarbonised European future. 

Avere, Eurelectric, the European Copper Institute, the European Heat Pump Association, SolarPower Europe and WindEurope gathered around the idea that as electricity in Europe decarbonises it will reveal its true value.  Since then, the Alliance grew. The European Climate Foundation, EuropeOn, the Renewable Grid Initiative and SmartEn have joined the efforts to promote the benefits of electrification.  

Whether through direct interactions with policymakers or through public engagements, the Alliance never shied away from sharing the views of both the entire electric value chain and demand sectors. Its invaluable expertise is drawn upon a diverse membership, bringing together the views of various technology providers, workforce, and consumers.   

The Alliance shares a strong belief that electrification is the optimal solution to fight climate change and its members are committed to the scale up of investment in non-emitting technologies like renewables, energy storage and smart grids, while promoting sectoral integration with the heating, cooling, and transport sectors. 

An ambitious system approach is however needed. This is what the Electrification Alliance highlighted in its 2019 Declaration “Powering a climate neutral, competitive and secure Europe”, supported by over 100 European companies and associations. Presented during a public event with the participation of European Commission’s Director General Ditte Juul Jorgensen, it laid out the policy decisions needed to fully unlock the benefits of electrification across all relevant societal sectors 

As the COVID pandemic stroke Europe, bringing the economy to a near-to-complete standstill, the Electrification Alliance joined the call for a #GreenRecovery. They stood behind the Green Deal as the key to restart Europe’s economy, to address the climate challenges and improve the well-being of citizens.  

Their call to #ElectrifyNow resonates even louder today, as Europe’s energy security is threatened. Europe can address this crisis by completing its transition to an efficient, reliable, consumer-centric and secure energy system. One in which, massive amounts of clean and renewable energy sources power our electric, energy efficient, carbon neutral buildings, vehicles and industries.